Why This Conference?


Ask yourself:  Given all the brains, talents and resources my business has, is it achieving all that it could?

If your answer is “no”, then you need to consider attending the Best Practices Conference™.

Through the Best Practices Conference™, we deliver:

  • Clarity that clears up confusion.
  • Direction that replaces distractions.
  • Confidence that if you implement our recommendations, your business will become more  healthy and more profitable.

Clarity. Direction. Confidence.™  This is what you’ll get at the 2016 Best Practices Conference.

Don’t be the business owners who tolerates ongoing problems because you don’t know how to solve them.  Get ahead of the pack by solving your most important problems so you can focus on your highest-value activities – running your business, managing cash and staying ahead of the competition.

The 2016 Best Practices Conference speakers are seasoned business professionals, all of whom have deep, personal experience at running their own businesses or working in their chosen field.

Learn From Experience.™

Our speakers’ content comes from their personal experience.  Everyone has made mistakes in business. Everyone has been knocked down a time or two.  The only real difference between those who fail at business and those who success is that the latter group gets up one more time and they try again.  They learn from their mistakes and they try again.  The Best Practices we offer at this conference come from our experience in business.


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