“Best Practices” are defined differently in different situations, based on one’s role and goals.  An electrician is not going to have the same best practices as a surgeon (obviously).  But are there Best Practices for business owners that cut across industry verticals and company size?  We think so.

But roles do matter, even when discussing the same “best practice”.   For example:

  • An Ownership View: “A best practice balances resources, schedules, risk and performance to find the correct solution to a problem.”
  • An HR View: “A best practices balances resources, schedule, risk, performance and culture to find the correct solution to a problem.”
  • A Six Sigma View: “A best practice is a course of action which balances security, risks, scheduling, performance, maintainability, talent and culture to find the right process to a problem.”
  • A Business Architect View: “A best practice is more theory than practice due to constraints that cannot be removed.  Many times, we simply don’t get to do “the best practice” because of resource limitations or common sense.”

Think about the elements referenced in each of these four ideas as to what a best practice is:

  • Constraints
  • Resources
  • Process
  • Culture
  • Schedules
  • Performance
  • Risk
  • Talent

How these elements are coalesced into a Best Practice is challenge.  Each of these elements are always changing – some at faster paces than others.  Yet they are inter-dependent.  Each company will have similar but different ways of arriving at a best practice that resolves a given problem or produces a desired outcome.  And each company will have a period of trial and error in which their practices are incrementally refined into what works well for them.

Here at the 2017 Best Practices Conference (BPC17), our sponsors are top-notch practitioners in their field.  Through multiple experiences of working in different situations across a wide variety of clients, they have developed Best Practices which they often recommend to their new customers.  Each sponsor will have their own unique view – no view will be all-encompassing – but each view will have serious value to you and your company.

You can learn what these best practices are in one day and accelerate your time to success at a fraction of the cost other companies have paid.  What is a “Best Practice”?  Come and find out.  You won’t be disappointed.

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