Pivotal Advisors is a sales consulting business based in the Twin Cities.  We have worked with close to 200 companies around the area to help them implement systems, process and structure which are designed to help our clients scale and grow their top line revenue.  Companies get to a certain point in the growth due to good products or services, hard-working people and favorable market conditions.  However, at some point in their evolution these companies need to do some different things to get to the next level of growth.  The growth strategy needs to be better defined.  The value proposition needs to be clearly articulated as competition gets more intense.  The structure of the team may need to change.  The sales process needs to be repeatable so new and veteran sales people can leverage best practices.  Accountability needs to be increased.  The compensation plan may need to be adjusted.  Most of the time, all of these responsibilities fall to the sales leader (or sometimes CEO) who has never received formal training in many of these areas.   That’s where Pivotal Advisors comes in.  We’ve been doing these things for decades and we customize our plans and tools so that our clients can use them to drive top line growth.

Gary Braun
Pivotal Advisors

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