Managing Cybersecurity Risk

Managing Cybersecurity Risk
Your organization relies on data and systems to provide your services. With the increase in cyber attacks, no organization is immune from being a target, no matter how big or how small the organization is. In this session we will discuss recent data breaches and successful hacks and identify how the perpetrators were able to compromise the security controls. We will also provide a roadmap you can use within your organization to reduce your risk of cybersecurity attacks.

Learning Objectives:
Create awareness of risks in today’s computing environment.
Explore how to mitigate security risks and avoid common pitfalls.
Discuss what it takes to implement a cost-effective information security and data protection strategy.

Presenter: Jeff Olejnik, Director – Wipfli Cybersecurity Services

Job aid: Attendees will learn about cybersecurity risks and how to avoid them.

Listing of 1-3 best practices that will be presented:
How to spot and avoid email phishing attacks
Best practices for prevention using security hygiene
Proper use and protection using pubic wireless networks

Listing of 1-3 worst practices:
Sending out a wire transfer that appears to be from the CEO without authenticating.
Click on links or attachments within emails.
Using simple passwords or sharing passwords with others.

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