The Best Practices Conference will have two different types of learning experiences.  We’ve structured this conference to appeal to two basic, but different learning styles.


In the morning are the Breakouts sessions.  These sessions will tend to be more traditional in nature with several delivery style possibilities:

  • Single presenter with slides
  • Multiple presenters with slides
  • One-on-One Interview
  • Panel Discussion
  • Open Q&A at the end of the presentation

If you’d rather listen and learn from experts who have “been there, done that”, then the morning sessions will probably be highly appealing to you.

Cabana Talks

The afternoon will have Cabana Talks, which are designed to be highly interactive sessions for those who choose to participate.  These sessions are open to using one or more of the following learning activities:

  • Open discussions
  • One-on-One Interview with audience questions throughout the session
  • Presentation of one or more case studies with participant discussion in small groups
  • Presentation of a series of questions in which everyone participates
  • Audience members who volunteer to be interviewed “on the spot”
  • Walking participants through the presenter’s job aid that was passed out during their morning session

If you get bored with “death by powerpoint”, then you’ll probably love the afternoon sessions.

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