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Rey Velasco

As a Consultant with Ahmann-Martin/AFG, Rey Velasco helps employers design, implement, and manage sustainable employee benefit strategies.  His clients are both for and not-for-profit employers of 20 to 300 employees.

Jon Olson

As a training development manager in the MnSCU system for 20+ years, Jon has worked with hundreds of Minnesota companies, helping them grow through training, organizational development and strategic improvement.

Bill English

As an Author, Speaker, Consultant and Executive Coach, Bill English brings a unique blend of experience and training to assist small business owners as they grapple with wide ranging problems from human resources to finances to increased regulations.


Gary Lewis

” Vlogging has made an independent businessman, who talks about things he loves for a living. Without a huge, extra talented and truly diverse community of authors, this dream of mine would not have been possible! ”

Nickie O'Malley

“As one of the first gaming industry vloggers on YouTube, with more than 2000 videos uploaded in 7 years, I always come here. An annual conference for all of the biggest names in the video Blogging world makes a lot of sense! ”

Gerladina Smith

“As far as I’m concerned on my video Blogging niche, which is the news video Blogging, most of the biggest names in it show up at this annual conference every single year. And I am no exception! ”

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